About the API methods

Categories of API methods

There are a number of API methods, supporting different use cases and workflows. These are broadly divided by product module into the following categories:

  • System (general functions such as log-in)
  • CIM (Central Invoicing Module)
  • CNB (Conference & Banqueting)
  • PMS (Property Management System)

For guidance on which methods to use for your particular workflow, see WORKFLOWS.

Versions of API methods

In some cases it has been necessary to upgrade an individual method to a version 2, while still maintaining support for vendors utilising version 1. For this reason, some methods exist in two forms, e.g. pmsprf_GetProfileSummary and pmsprf_GetProfileSummaryV2. In these cases, new users of the API should always use the latest version of the method. Existing users of older methods are encouraged to migrate to the latest version. The obsolete version of the method will be marked as !old version! with a link to the newer version that replaces it.

Deprecated methods

In some cases a method has been rendered obsolete in favour of a different method which achieves the same thing, but perhaps in a more useful way. In this case the method is marked as !deprecated!, in favour of a named method which replaces it. Again, users of the API are encouraged to migrate away from deprecated methods.

Restricted methods

In some cases a method has restricted scope, e.g. it is only intended for use in a specific workflow, or perhaps it is new and unproven, or has some other restriction against it. The method will be marked as !restricted! for a specified reason.

Undocumented methods

Finally, there may be methods defined in the WSDL (Web Service Description Language) file which are not described in this documentation. These undocumented methods should be ignored, they are not supported and should not be used.

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