Telephone & Internet

Telephone & Internet workflow

This workflow is especially relevant to PABXs (private telephone exchanges or switches) and PABX integrators, including call management systems. We also include WiFi / HSIA guest Internet access in the same category, because they share many aspects.

Use cases

Typical Telephone & Internet use cases and the corresponding API methods are as follows:

Use caseAPI methods
Get notifications of check-ins, check-outs and other guest movementspmsfoh_GetMovements
Set and clear telephone-based alarm calls via the PMSpmsfoh_GetMovements
Notify PMS of telephone-based alarm callspmsbkg_UpdateAlarmCall
Post telephone usage chargespmschg_PostToRoom
Post WiFi / HSIA usage chargespmschg_PostToRoom
Post Minibar usage chargespmschg_PostToRoom
Get sales analysis codes from PMSpmscfg_AnalList
Get guest details, including languagepmsbkg_BookingSearch, pmsprf_GetProfileSummaryV2

Get notifications of check-ins, check-outs and other guest movements

It is important for Telephone & Internet vendors to know the status of rooms and their telephone extensions, e.g. to bar external telephone calls from rooms which are vacant and unbar them for rooms which are occupied. It also may be important to know the name of the guest, e.g. for personalisation. These notifications can be obtained using the pmsfoh_GetMovements method.

Set and clear telephone-based alarm calls via the PMS

It may be required to be able to set alarm calls from the PMS, e.g. on check-in. In that case the PMS needs to notify the telephone provider to make the appropriate calls. Likewise it should be possible to clear previously set calls or change the time. Changes to alarm call status at the PMS are communicated just like check-in events, using the pmsfoh_GetMovements method.

Notify PMS of telephone-based alarm calls

It may be required to display to PMS users what alarm calls have been set on the telephone system. This is done with pmsbkg_UpdateAlarmCall.

Post usage charges

Typically, a telephone provider will post to the PMS charges accrued by guests through use of the room telephone or telephones, so these can be put on the guest's bill. Charges may also be posted by WiFi / HSIA providers for Internet access, or in other scenarios such as minibar usage (which may be handled through the telephone sytem). In all such cases, the pmschg_PostToRoom method should be used, with the appropriate sales analysis code (see below).

Get sales analysis codes from PMS

The charge codes or sales analysis codes are custom for every property and therefore it is useful to have an API method for recovering the set of permitted codes against which charges can be posted. Use pmscfg_AnalList for this.

Get guest details, including language

The pmsfoh_GetMovements method uses the Rezlynx booking reference to refer to the particular reservation affected by the movement. In order to get all the details for the reservation, the pmsbkg_BookingSearch method should be used. If guest details are needed which are part of the guest's profile, then a further lookup is needed, using pmsprf_GetProfileSummaryV2. This method should be called with the Profile reference, which was obtained through pmsbkg_BookingSearch.

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