Vendor on-boarding

The current on-boarding process for new vendors is as follows:


1. Commercial evaluation

A simple assessment is made to ensure that the integration is commercially of mutual benefit, e.g. do we have a shared customer or is there a significant new opportunity?

2. Signed NDA

Both parties sign a Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement, this is just a formality to ensure the parties agree to respect each other's confidential information.

3. API documentation shared

Documentation on the Rezlynx API (e.g. this wiki) is shared with the vendor by Guestline.

4. Access to test or training system

Guestline sets up an API account for the vendor to access a test or training system and provides the login credentials.

5. Develop against API

The vendor develops against the Rezlynx API according to their specific requirements. Guestline will provide support and assistance through the process.

6. Certification testing

Once the development is completed, we will organise a test session to assure us that the API is being used appropriately and that customer data is being respected. Once certification is complete, Guestline Labs will issue a certification certificate to Guestline Operations so that the vendor system is added to the approved list of partner integrations, enabling it to be used on live customer sites (subject to the appropriate order being in place).

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