Working with profiles

Profiles workflows

Guest profiles are records containing the details of named guests and their preferences, which exist outside individual reservations and persist over time. In a multi-property site, the profiles sit at the above-property level so guest details and preferences can be maintained as guests move from one property stay to another.

Typical profiles workflows include maintaining profiles alongside reservations ('create' and 'update' use cases) and reading profiles to obtain contact information, such as email address, and preference information, such as marketing opt-ins. Note that 'delete profile' and 'merge profile' use cases are not supported through the API.

Data protection
Guest profiles contain personal information such as address details and marketing preferences, therefore third-party clients that access this information are subject to relevant laws concerning personal data protection, such as GDPR in the EU.

Use cases

Use caseAPI method
Get profilepmsprf_GetProfileSummaryV2
Get profile, including stay informationpmsprf_GetProfileSummaryWithStays
Create new profilepmsprf_CreateNewProfile
Update profilepmsprf_UpdateProfileSummaryV2
Update profile with new guest feedbackpmsprf_CreateProfileFeedBack
Update profile custom attributepmsprf_UpdateProfileAttribute
Get events associated with a profilepmsprf_GetProfileEvents !restricted!
Send out profile passwordpmsprf_SendProfilePassword
Link a profile to a reservationpmsres_LinkProfile