Working with reservations

Reservations workflows

Reservations are at the heart of the Rezlynx domain model. The creation of a reservation is the beginning of the guest journey. Reservations are generally either created by an operator (e.g. a member of a hotel reservations team) manually creating a reservation via the Rezlynx user interface, or else they come in via Roomlynx from various booking channels such as the hotel website, a CRS or a site like ''.

Use cases

The most common use case for working with reservations through the Rezlynx API is getting information about current reservations stored on the system, especially residents. It is also possible to create new reservations (but not in bulk), cancel reservations, allocate a physical room to a reservation, un-allocate a room, add a deposit to an existing reservation, and add an upsell product.

Use caseAPI method
Get information about current reservationspmsbkg_BookingSearch
Create a new reservationpmsres_CreateReservation
Cancel a reservationpmsres_CancelReservation
Allocate a room to a reservationpmsres_ReservationRoomAllocation
Un-allocate a room from a reservationpmsres_ReservationRoomUnAllocate
Add a deposit to a reservationpmsres_ReservationRoomAddDeposit
Add an upsell product to a reservationpmsres_AddReservationUpsell
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